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Polycarbonate Sheet


Polycarbonate is a polymer with a unique blend ofdesirable properties. HLF Polycarbonate Sheets are high performanceplastic sheets which are the ideal choice for vertical, overhead and slopedglazing whenever durability and safety are as important aesthetics. Itssuperior characteristics make it an outstanding engineering plastic. It is theperfect choice for applications requiring material which offers high lighttransmission, thermal insulation, light weight yet strong, high shockresistance, great economy, vandal resistance and design flexibility.

PC Solid Sheet

HLF Polycarbonate Solid Sheets are available in a wide variety of standard colours and dimensions. HLF Polycarbonate Solid Sheet provides a 10 years limited warranty in respect of extreme colour deterioration and sheet cracked under normal weather conditions.

Product Features
HLF Polycarbonate Solid Sheet offers a unique combination of exceptional properties.

High impact strength makes its virtually unbreakable and resistantto fracture.

Good electrical insulation properties.

UV light resistant to avoids extreme colour deterioration.

High degree of transparency and light transmission.

Low flammability (fire resistant).

Light weight & design flexibility.

High heat resistance, making it ideal for outdoor application.

Scope Of Applications


Roofing System

Balcony Screen

Sound Insulation Panel

Green House


Signboard and Billboard

Car porch

Bus / Taxi Stand

Walkway & Overhead Bridge



Length(MM): Up to 30500 (100') or cut to size

Width(MM): 1000,1220,1560 2600

Non-standard product (width, length, thickness,colour) are available subject to a minimum order quantity

Thickness tolerance : subject to thicknesstolerance

Colour only for reference, order based on sealedsample

PC Hollow Sheet

HLF PolycarbonateHollow Sheet provides a 10 years limited warranty in respect of discolorationunder normal weather conditions.



Length(MM): Up to 12200mm (40')or cut to size

Width(MM): 2100

Non-standard product (width, length, thickness, colour) are availablesubject to a minimum order quantity

Thicknesstolerance : subject to thickness tolerance

Colouronly for reference, order based on sealed sample

Product Features

HLF Polycarbonate HollowSheet is commonly used among customer is due to following specifications :

The light transmission of translucent hollow sheet reaches 82%.

Attributing to proprietary UV surface, HLF hollow sheet remain wellmechanical and optical properties after exposed to extreme conditions.

Highly durability and safety. When it comes to protection, HLF PolycarbonateHollow Sheet is the secure choice. It’s able to stand extreme abuse.

Design Flexibility. Can be cold-formed to light radii or thermo-formedto complete shapes, they allow unique glazing solutions and are available in avariety of handsome tints, consider pool enclosures, skylights, covered wall ways,sound barriers office partition, and you’ll appreciate the design flexibility HLF Polycarbonate HollowSheet products deliver.

Light Weight. HLF Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet is stronger and lighter thanmost glazing material, installation is easier and less structure support isrequired.

Sound insulation. The hollow form and polycarbonate together offersignificant sound insulation.

Heatproof. Applicable temperature from -40% to 100%.

Wind resistance. Wind pressure capability is the first of GB/T 7106-86.

PC Corrugated Sheet
PC Corrugated Sheet

HLF Corrugated Sheet is the product of choice for cost-effective, high light-transmission, impact resistant, light weight, industrial and consumer applications. It offers the clarity of glass while filtering ultra-violet light; withstands wind and vandalism. Our products have passed the inspection of the Products Quality Supervision and testing institute, and confirm to the requirement of the JG/T116-1999 standard. We promise 10-years warranty.

Product Features

HLFPC Corrugated Sheet is compatible with various metal is roofing structure andframeworks, therefore it is widely used in the market.

·        High light transmission.Transmit up to 90% of visible light;

·        High impact strength. Over 40times the impact resistant of glass or acrylic, 20 times the impact strength offiberglass;

·        UV resistant;

·        Light-weight;

·        Thermal Insulation;

·        Low Flammability;

LowTemperature Resistant. It is suitable for the environment with the temperatureof -30℃.


HLF PC Corrugated sheet is available infollowing profiles:

1.      PCYX-205-820

2.      PC-T830

3.      PCY18-78-858

4.      PCY28-32-896

PC-T820 Specification


The PCYX-205-820 Specifications:

·        Thickness (mm): 0.8-2.5,1.5-2.5

·        Spread width (mm): 1000 (It canbe matched with the T830 OR the T840 type)

·        Color: 9 standard colors above,other colors can be customized

PC-T830 Specification


The PC-T830 Specifications:

·        Thickness (mm): 0.8-2.5, 1.5-2.5

·        Spread width (mm): 1000(It can be matched with the T820 OR the T840 type)

·        Color: 9 standard colors above,other colors can be customized

PCY18-78-858 Specification


The PC-T830 Specifications:

·        Thickness (mm):0.8-2.5, 1.5-2.5

·        Spread width (mm): 1000

·        Color: 9 standard colors above,other colors can be customized

PCY28-32-896 Specification


The PC-T830 Specifications:

·        Thickness (mm):0.8

·        Spread width (mm): 1000

·        Color: 9 standard colors above,other colors can be customized

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