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PMMA Description:

It is one of the hardest thermoplastic, and is onlyscratched by a 9H pencil. It has low water absorption and although it has ahigh coefficient of expansion (about 8 times steel). Acrylic plastics are amongthe most scratch resistant of all thermoplastics. Although inflammable, theburning characteristics classify it as “slow burning”. Because it is odour andtaste free and non-toxic, PMMA sheet is quite suitable for use on many areasincluding construction, furniture, lighting and transportation, etc.

PMMA Sheet Features

·        Exceptional light transmission with no inherent edge color:Clear HLF acrylic transmits 92% of all visible light. No other product offersbetter light transmission – not even glass.

·        Excellent resistance to outdoor weathering: HLF acrylichas a ten year weathering guarantee. No significant change in visual appearancenor physical performance will take place during this time.

·        High gloss: Hard surface of HLF is one of the hardestthermoplastics and remains aesthetically attractive for much longer than manyother plastics

·        Good thermoformability: HLF acrylic is easy to thermoformwith low cost tooling leading to cost effective production.

·        Easy to clean: The high gloss surface of HLF acrylicmakes it easy to clean, keeping maintenance cost to a minimum.

·        Safety: Standard HLF acrylic is 5 times stronger thanfloat glass and the impact modified versions many timed better again. It isinternationally recognised as a safety glazing material meeting therequirements of ANSI Z.97 and BS 6262. Standard 3mm HLF acrylic is rated ClassC to BS 6206 impact test and Class A for 8mm and above thickness.

·        Low Density: HLF acrylic is half the weight of anequivalent glass panel and is more easily transported, installed and supported.

·        Clear, Tints and Opal Colors: HLF is available in a widerange of transparent tints and opal colours giving maximum design freedom forlighting etc.

·        Cold Bending: HLF acrylic can be readily cold bent toallow the installation of continuous roof lighting. A minimum cold bend radiusof 200 times the thickness is possible with cast sheet and 300 times for theextruded grades.

·        Recyclability: HLF acrylic is fully recyclable.

PMMA Specification:

l  Width and length: 1.22m*2.44m,1.25m*2.5m, 2.1m*3.1m ( it can be customized as required)

l  Thickness: 1-10mm

l  Color:

PMMA Color
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